The Ficus Bonsai - The Adaptable and Ever Lenient Bonsai

The Ficus bonsai is a hugely popular bonsai tree types that is extremely tolerant of overwatering, low light conditions and newbie's mistakes. You may understand it by its other more typical name, the fig tree. Some other features are its surface area roots and aerial roots which hang down from its branches, giving the tree a fascinating appearance. This strange appearance is why it is so popular and the reason for its usage in root over rock styles.

Light demands for a Ficus Bonsai

A Ficus Bonsai can grow in different lighting conditions, from as low as 800 lux (a device of light strength), though these types of bonsai live better in between 1,000 to 2,000 lux. The low requirements of light make these bonsai the least difficult of indoor types. However, to provide a Ficus with the required light, it must be kept close to window (south or west facing) or fluorescent light.

To put this in perspective, a typical office that does not have any windows is about 400 lux. For photosynthesis, the light needed has to do with 500. Thus, if the Ficus is kept within a distance of 3 feet from a window, the tree will receive the level of light it needs for correct development. Furthermore, the presence of fluorescent lights near the tree will guarantee that the tree receives enough light. You can find further information about shedsfirst @

Low light conditions will make a Ficus Bonsai react by enhancing the size of its leaves to produce more chlorophyll. Ficus flourishes well in high lighting.

Watering and Feeding your Ficus Bonsai

Ficus, including neriifolia and salicifolia do not need much watering. For a newbie, this is a great reason to have the tree as lots of beginners brand-new to the hobby frequently over or under water the tree, resulting in the tree dying. The obvious indicators of overwatering of Ficus are dropping leaves.

Temperature level and Growing Range

Ficus being a tropical plant discovers USDA zones 10-11 perfect for its growth. Hence they grow well in sunny locations where the temperature level hardly gets extremely low. In locations where it is cold winter seasons and the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the tree must be brought inside your home.

Repotting Ficus

The roots of Ficus Bonsai grow similarly fast. Inspect that the pot has good drain and your ficus bonsai ought to grow nicely.